TCM Care

TCM adopts a holistic view to health and focuses restoring the body’s natural balance to improve wellbeing

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  • general wellness

  • preventive care

  • chronic management

  • men & women health

  • skin health

How it works

  • STEP 1
    Create an account

    Creating an account with us is easy and can be done in 2-3 minutes. You can create an account online here or download our mobile app on App Store and Google Play

  • STEP 2
    Book an appointment with your prefered
    TCM Physician

    Book a clinic appointment with the physician if it’s your first consultation, or make an appointment for video consultation for your follow up.

    During a TCM consultation, The TCM physician will access your health by understanding more about your general condition, medical history, lifestyle habits and recommend a suitable treatment* plan for you

    *Common TCM treatments include herbal medication, acupuncture, tuina and cupping

  • STEP 3
    Have your medication delivered to you

    Rest and recuperate in the comfort of your home and receive your medication within the day or the next day*

    *Herbal medications delivery to your doorstep can be arranged for teleconsultation appointments. Expect the medication within the same day if payment is made before 5 pm or the next day for payments made after 5 pm.

  • STEP 4
    Get well soon

    Take your medicine, follow the advice, rest well and feel better! Send text queries to your physician anytime if you have any questions and book your next appointment if you need to.

Qualified And Board Registered Physicians
Individualise Care And Treatment Tailored To Your Health Needs

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why people choose us

board-registered physicians

Be assured that all physicians on board are registered with TCM Practitioners Board (TCMPB) with a valid practising license

Patient-centric care

We focus on quality healthcare service that is personal and professional. Each TCM treatment plan is tailor to individual health needs.

Holistic approach

TCM views a body as an integrated whole. It focuses not just the presenting symptoms but also the root of the problems. It aims to restore the health by correcting the imbalances within the body

Convenient & hassle free

Avoid the long queues and waiting time in the clinic by fixing an appointment with your physician.

Easy access

You can have access to electronic health record; manage and update your personal health record easily with our user-friendly mobile app or web portal.

Safe and secure

We take data protection seriously. All online information is fully encrypted, only you and your assigned healthcare providers have the access to your health information.

frequently asked questions

  • How do I start a TCM teleconsultation?

    If you are interested to find out more about your health, you can first consult our TCM panel through a text consultation, we will then advise you on your condition and refer a suitable physician for you if necessary.

    If it is your first time seeing the physician, you can arrange to book a clinic consultation through our platform and visit the physician in his/her practicing clinic.

    If you are following up with the physician, you may book a video consultation at your preferred date and time and you will receive a confirmation text/email once your physician confirmed your
    appointment slot and lastly be on time on the day of consultation.

  • What are the conditions that are suitable for TCM teleconsultation?

    TCM teleconsultation is more suitable for non-emergency and non-serious healthcare issues. TCM covers a wide range of illnesses from physical to psychological conditions. Due to its strong emphasis on preventive health, it is often associated with the treatment of sub-health conditions such as:

    – Aches (e.g. frequent headache, migraine, joint pains)
    – Attention deficit / Poor focus
    – Chronic fatigue
    – Constipation; loose tools
    – Digestive ailments (bloat, indigestion, reflux, etc)
    – Feeling cold, heat flash
    – Frequent flu or cold (low immunity)
    – Frequent urination
    – Irritability
    – Nervousness
    – Poor memory
    – Poor mood
    – Chronic rhinitis
    – Sleeping disorders

    TCM teleconsultation is also effective in chronic disease management such as

    – Diabetes
    – Hypertension
    – Hyperlipidaemia
    – Weight management
    – Post-stroke management
    – Post-cancer management

    For condition that are not listed above, feel free to enquire! The physician will access your condition to determine if you are suitable for a teleconsultation or arrange a clinic consultation with you instead.

  • What are the conditions that are NOT suitable for TCM teleconsultation?

    Teleconsultation is not suitable for emergency situation, not limited to the followings:

    – Chest pain
    – Breathing difficulties
    – Recurrent vomiting
    – Severe abdominal pain
    – Active bleeding and severe wounds
    – Mental disorders (e.g. suicidal thoughts, delusions, etc)

    If you require urgent medical attention, please call 995 or visit your nearest Accident and
    Emergency (A&E) department.

  • What happens if the physician determine that I am unsuitable for a teleconsultation?

    During the follow up, if you present new symptoms, and the physician determine that your condition is unsuitable for a video consultation, he/she will advise you on the appropriate follow-up action.

  • What do I need to prepare prior to the start of TCM video consultation?

    Verification document
    Prior to the consultation, physician will authenticate your identity and ascertain your current location with you for safety precautions. Please get ready your Identity Card (IC) or Passport for verification purposes.

    Managing your environment
    Ensure that your physical environment is suitable for a video consultation, you may take into consideration the followings:

    – Good internet connection
    – Good lighting
    – Little or no background noise
    – Adequate physical space to ensure best distance for best use of camera

  • How can I cancel/reschedule an appointment?

    You can manage your appointments using Doctor On Click web portal or mobile app. You may cancel the appointment stating your reason and re-book another on your next availability date. A notification will be sent once your rescheduled appointment is confirmed by the physician.

  • How much does a TCM video consultation cost?

    A TCM video consultation on Doctor On Click costs $20


Overloaded with too much information online regarding your health conditions?
Consult Physician for professional advice instead!

A lot can be told from your tongue! The tongue colour,coating, marks are all the things physicians look out forin a tongue diagnosis to learn more about you.Avoid food/drink that will colour your tongue prior taking a picture